Digital Media
Website Maintenance (producing creative content, providing advice and/or direct management of host site) and Analytics (detailed data analysis of website traffic, SEO, etc.)

Development and Execution of Online Marketing Campaigns (direct emails, creation of advertisements and creative content for placement on various media platforms, planning editorial schedules, scheduling posts)

Social Media Advising. This may include direct management of platforms.

Website Content
Books (fiction, non-fiction)
Academic Papers

Copy Edit: Spelling, punctuation, grammar, and syntax. Recommendations for overall readability including word choice, sentence structure.

Content Edit: Check for consistency of information and ideas throughout the content, including notation of lapses in logic, developmental suggestions and improvements to overall flow. Point of view errors, weak characters, lack of emotion, etc.

Kathryn Foley Consulting ensures a quick turnaround time, constant contact and detailed communication throughout the duration of each project. Clients are guaranteed excellent service at the highest of standards.

For a more detailed outline of services, please feel free to contact directly. Do you have a need that is not listed? Pitch it to me!